Why GETCH?

  Tranquil Campus and Modern Facilities
GETCH is located on the bank of the Pearl River where is the center of the Cantonese history and culture in Guangzhou. The school is equipped with dormitories, modern classrooms, computer room, language lab, library, multimedia room, gym, recreation room, salon, canteen, notebook computers, electric wheelchairs and so on to provide better services to our students. The entire campus is covered by Wi-Fi.

  Dedicated Teachers
60% of our staff members are graduates from GETCH. Thus, they know the characteristics of disabled youth and can support them more effectively. For each class, we assign a tutor who helps students to solve various problems in their daily life. The teachers are also their mentors who provide guidance to the students in all aspects from personal development to learning methods.

  Diverse Student Body
Since the establishment of GETCH in 1994, students have come from more than 25 provinces or cities in China, which reflects their diverse backgrounds. Diverse cultures and traditions are recognized and respected in GETCH.

  Active and Welcome Campus Life
GETCH holds regular lectures on different topics, recreational sports games, social networking cultural festivals. GETCH also welcomes visitors from different parts of the world to join events and participate in exchanges.  All these provide a colorful campus life for our students and broaden their horizons.

  Academic and Personal Development

 Small Class Size
There are around 20 students in each class, which is small in size. For each student, we provide tailored tutoring and aids.

Perspective on Disability
GETCH encourages students to gain a greater understanding of disability from a social perspective.

 Discover Potential for Achievement
GETCH provides a platform for students to develop new skills and gain new experiences through arts and sports workshops, community projects and opportunities for foreign exchange. 

 Career Advising
GETCH provides pre-job trainings to inform students about employers' selection criteria. In this way, students uncover their own interests and set informed targets for their future careers.

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