Principal's Welcome
  Principal's Welcome

As the principal, I am greatly honored to be able to have witnessed every step of GETCH's growth.

In 1993, when preparations were underway for GETCH¡¯s establishment, I worked as one of the volunteers in charge of the enrollment and the fund-raising. Later on, I started to work as a full-time employee in GETCH in charge of the enrollment, the financing of the school as well as the employment of our graduates. I still remember that at that time, I brought our students to interviews with my motorcycle. When I saw they came back with disappointment, I felt really sorry for them. However, their perseverance inspired me to work even harder toward realizing a more inclusive society. 

Every young person with a disability has their own understanding of life and their own dreams. But today they all share one same aspiration - to have more opportunities for their future and access to a better life.
Looking back, we are grateful to the foresight and support from all the leaders of the CPC of Haizhu District, the District Government, District Education Bureau and the Disabled Persons' Federation that opened the way for GETCH¡¯s development. It is the attention from the public for the education of disabled youth and support for the school that have brought our dreams within reach. It is the strength and commitment from alumni that has enabled GETCH to grow. It is the foundation laid down by our founders and their hard work and efforts that paved the way for GETCH's hard-won development.
Looking ahead, we will carry on the governing principles of GETCH and strive for a better future for our school by strengthening management, promoting innovative education and improving the environment for our students. We sincerely hope that all the leaders from the governments at all levels as well as GETCH alumni and friends can continue to support the growth of GETCH with their insight, care, and devotion.

From the very first day of its establishment to today's great success, Guangzhou English Training Center for the Handicapped (GETCH) has written down a history of hard work, perseverance, and pioneering spirit. Thank you!



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