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  Student Associations

  Student Union
The Student Union represents the students to coordinate activities and events, maintain the care of the dormitory and campus, and support school spirit. Members of the student union are selected each year through student elections.

  GETCH Film Group
The GETCH Film Group provides information on students' life and on the development of disabled youth in the local society through their cameras.

  Guangzhou Walking Tours
Student tour guides lead visitors to see and learn about local Cantonese communities. Tour guides speak in English and receive training from professional tour operators.

  GETCH Toastmaster Club
GETCH Toastmaster Club was registered in 2013. Due to generous support for donors, GETCH students receive free admission to the club. There are themed speeches and impromptu speeches every week. GETCH Toastmasters hosts frequent visitors from other Toastmaster clubs and students get to know a number of entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, trainers in this way.
Learn about GETCH Toastmaster Club online here:  

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