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GETCH, a Place Where Dreams Can Come True   07-Huang Yingying 2008-09-24 
My Future Is Not a Dream   07-Liang Jinling 2008-07-11 
The Turning Point of My Fate   07-Chen Sixian 2008-06-26 
This is How I View Life   07-Xie Shiwei 2008-06-10 
Enjoying Life   07-Li Huahong 2008-04-14 
GETCH, Where Dreams Take Off   07-Ru Qinmei 2008-03-24 
The Life of Tea   06-Pan Aishi 2007-10-21 
The Virgin Suicides: I Want to Fly Higher¡ªMy Dream Unfolds in Guangzhou   02-Peng Qunling 2007-07-31 
My Translation Job   95-Huang Xiaoying 2006-10-11 
Dusk at the River Bank   02-Luo Shihuan 2003-10-14 
The Virgin Suicides: I Want to Fly Higher   02-Peng Qunling 2003-10-09 
A letter to My Juniors   99-Lin Lin 2002-12-21 
Life Choice   00-Yu Yanqiu 2001-10-30 
I'm OK!   99-Mo Lichan 2000-10-11 
Learning How to Stand Back Up   99-Liang Yidi 2000-05-10 
Searching for the Real Meaning in Life   98-Zhu Wenquan 1999-07-10 
Running with One Leg Towards Knowledge: A Disabled Girl Making Her Research Dream Come True   96-Xu Jinyang 1998-09-26 
Choose to be Strong   97-Liang Yexing 1998-08-21 
Finding One's Inner Strength   Lu Shourong 1997-03-11 
The Long Road Ahead   95-Lu Qianwen 1996-10-21 
The Days After Leaving GETCH   94-Qiu Jianxin 1996-07-30 

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