1. Unmarried youth between 17-25 years old of Chinese nationality, (age is not a compulsory
    requirement if the candidate shows excellent outstanding academic performance)
2. Physically disabled or with low vision; hold identification card issued by the local disabled
    person's federation
3. Able to live independently;
4. Hold high school diploma or technical secondary school diploma
5. Show interest in learning English or have ability to communicate in basic English
6. Not currently enrolled as a student at another institution, and able to attend full-time
    academic study

  Entrance Exam
GETCH adopts independent entrance examinations every year, which are independent from the College Entrance Examination of China. Students who intend to study in GETCH should take part in the GETCH¡¯s entrance examination.

  Time of the Examination
GETCH Entrance Examination takes place each year in July. Subjects include: English Proficiency Test (including listening), English Speaking, Chinese Interview, Chinese Writing, Basic Computer

Students are enrolled according to their performance in the GETCH entrance examination. The score of the College Entrance Examination of China is considered only for reference. Every year, the top 20 qualified applicants are.

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