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Introduction to Our Social Financing Projects
The primary fund-raising projects of Guangzhou English Training Center for the Handicapped include: GETCH International Charity Festival, Walk, Run & Roll with GETCH and the GETCH Charity Store. GETCH International Charity Festival is held every year in April or May. GETCH¡¯s Festival is held in the form of a carnival, with the aim of raising funds for GETCH Rehabilitation Fund. This money will then be used for the disabled students at the school to buy essential medical supplies, prosthetics, braces, orthopedic treatments, and rehabilitation surgery, etc. In addition to fundraising, we also hope to increase public awareness, respect and understand of people with disabilities.
The project funds from Walk, Run & Roll with GETCH and the GETCH store will become part of the GETCH Community Fund, to support the exchange of GETCH¡¯s current services.
Walk, Run & Roll with GETCH is held in November each year. Included in this event are walks, runs, wheelchair races, etc. The whole community is brought together with GETCH¡¯s students participating in a series of sports activities. Once again, in addition to raising funds, the event also aims to raise public awareness about people living with disabilities.
The GETCH store is a sustainable and charitable project that makes use of recyclable goods. Primarily, we collect second-hand English novels, good quality and stylish second-hand clothes, household goods, handicrafts, etc. We regularly hold jumble sales at the school¡¯s campus and we also occasionally participate in the jumble sales of other organizations. This gives the students an opportunity to both manage and operate the running of the store.
Social Fundraising Coordinator
Aaliyah Chen
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