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2018 Mid-autumn Festival Party
From: 16-Felix He    Updated time: 2018-09-24    Hits: 738
When I go shopping in super market, and I see so many moon cakes decorated with beautiful boxes. I know that the mid-autumn festival is coming! In GETCH, we also celebrate this meaningful day. We held a party in Haizhu Hotel, starting from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, on September 21st.
This was a special beginning of the party, because the cook from GETCH prepared a big meal for us, similar to a ¡°buffet¡±! All of us enjoyed that wonderful moment! We never stopped eating, until the host, Felix, from Grade 16, spoke out, ¡°Our party will start. Please move back to your seat!¡±
Felix shared something interesting like, ¡°Why there are so many things shaped in circles?¡± The tables, the moon, the moon cakes and so on. It means only one word, ¡°Reunion¡±! It was a very good opening!
Firstly, our principal Li had something to say! She appreciated all of guests and students who got together here and hoped we could have a good time tonight! Later, principal lowered her voice, saying, ¡°Very grateful to see two teachers who had taught students in GETCH from 1995 to 2005, Mrs. Mai and Mrs. Ni! Two students in Grade 16 presented some flowers to them! What a wonderful picture! Then two ladies shared their feelings after they left GETCH. They told us they were really lucky, because the GETCH¡¯s students gave much more energy and courage to help them overcome some challenges in their lives! We were so inspired by their words! Thank you!
After that, the entertaining programs were coming on! The first troublemakers are coming! They are Vither and Vitoria who are both from Grade 16. They sang a song called ¡°Xiao Qing Ge¡±. The good voice made the audiences fall in love at that moment!
The second singer was Owen from Grade 15, and he presented a song called ¡°Ai Qing Xian Jing¡±, a so typical Cantonese song that so many guests followed singing with him!
The third singer, David, who was from the Grade 03! He presented a song called ¡°You Raise Me Up".  His gentle voice made the audiences drunk into his song!
The next section was an interesting short sketch presented by Grade 16 students, Mark, Ben, King, Star and Maggie. Since the show was on, the audiences never stopped laughing!
The last part was also a music part, however, it is a little mysterious, because the singer was a secret! No one knew who it would be. Finally, when all of teachers from GETCH came to the stage, all of the students and guests were shouting! The song ¡°Friends¡± was really meaningful! We can experience what they want to express in their voice!
The party is perfectly ended! We get smiles and tears! So many words inspired us, so many songs raised us up, and so much love is full of our heart!

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