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Christmas Activity
From: 16-Felix He    Updated time: 2017-12-27    Hits: 1174
Santa Claus, snow, and Christmas trees are all Christmas symbols, and GETCH was decorated with these on Friday evening. This also means Christmas is coming which is the biggest party for GETCH.
It is a special Christmas party, because it starts in the afternoon instead of the evening. In general, the party in evening is usually better but not this one, so many friends were able to come and present for the Christmas party.
The opening is perfect! Our two Santa Claus were wait on the second floor in advance, and suddenly they threw various kinds of candies to the crowd while the song "Merry Christmas" played!  The audience was really excited at that moment! After that, the party begins to enter into the excellent parts! We have "Singing", "Talk Show", "Gifts Exchange", "Present Awarding", and "Games". In the music part, the most impressive is that the schoolmate from Grade 03 sings a Cantonese song. The song means friendship can be forever. He expresses all his emotion and feelings to show this song, though he has a sore throat! The audience were mesmerized by his voice! Most in attendance, like me, were really looking forward to the ¡°Present Awarding¡± and "Gifts Exchange". In the "Present awarding", one person says, "I love you, Santa Claus", and the lucky goodness chooses the person to be the receiver! It is so amazing that everyone sighs a long sigh!  The "Gifts Exchange" part is also interesting! Because you really don't know what present you will receive. You feel anxious at the same time you are also afraid you will get a bad one! The last part was playing a game part and it is also a good opportunity to receive more gifts. After winning the game, you can get some tickets. Using tickets can exchange different kinds of gifts! So many audience members were crazy about playing the games and ask other people for the tickets! They cannot be stopped! Finally, when some girls get what they want, they smile like a flower! We are very happy in this party, and just do what we like to do, eating on the chair, taking photos with the decorations and so on!
Although Christmas is in winter, we don't feel cold. In GETCH, we can meet some former schoolmates, some supporting companies, and many other friends. Happiness is simple! Just we hold a party, and you enjoy it!

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