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What a Memorable Chorus Festival
From: 15-Mavis Cheng    Updated time: 2017-12-18    Hits: 1223
Do you like singing and have you heard about the Chorus Festival before? All students from GETCH participated in Guangzhou's Second Disabled Chorus Festival on December 15th.
There were 13 performances in total that day. Three of them were performed by the guests who attended the festival. The rest of them were given by those disabled people who represented different districts in Guangzhou. Take the GETCH students for an example. We gave the performances on behalf of Haizhu distinct.
The place where the performance was was in Baiyun distinct. The performances started at 2: 30p.m. We arrived there at almost 9 a.m, because we needed to do some rehearsals for our performance and wear make-up. Where we arrived, our stylist and teachers helped us put on make-up and style our hair one by one with patience. Besides, our chorus conductor practiced singing our songs with us again and again in the morning. Maybe because it was the first time that we had participated in the chorus festival, we were very nervous when we did our rehearsals. However, our teachers and our chorus conductor encouraged us a lot. They were willing to be our audience before we went to the stage to sing our songs.
We gave our performance in the afternoon. Even though we didn't get into the top three groups, I think all of us really did a good job, so did our teachers. The most important thing was that we spent almost three months in preparation for this chorus festival and we got a lesson from this training that chorus was different from solo singing, which required us to cooperate with each other in order to sing beautiful songs.
Last but not least, our training came to an end. We finished our singing on December 15th and all of us enjoyed ourselves that day. We will remember such a memorable chorus festival.

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