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Annual Autumn Outing Activity
From: 16-Felix He    Updated time: 2017-12-01    Hits: 1226
It was meaningful for the students from GETCH to have such a good opportunity to go outside! Why? For most students it is inconvenient to travel, so they hardly visit some distant places, not like the normal people! In order to encourage students to go outside, the outing is held by GETCH. This trip lasted from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon and the destination of the journey was to Heyuan City in Guangdong province.
Unluckily, it was cold and rainy at the trip began at 8:30 Friday morning! The bad weather could not restrain the excitement of the students though! After we got on the bus, a handsome guy introduced himself in a funny way. He was our tour guide, Wang Wei! He told us about the arrangement of the two days. Firstly, we would have lunch at noon in Huizhou. Secondly, in the afternoon, we would travel around the Bavaria Garden, which recently built! Then, we would arrive at a hotel for resting. The arrangement for Saturday was that we would have breakfast together in the hotel then set off to visit Jing Garden and Wan L¨¹ Lake . At last, we would go back to Guangzhou after lunch
About three hours later, we got to the restaurant. The students and teachers were really hungry due to the long time on the bus. The students really enjoyed the big meals, including various kinds of local delicious food. Which made by traditional Hakka people. In afternoon, we excitedly reached the the first destination, Bavaria Garden, a replica of a German village! We wanted to enjoy all of the games in the park! Some were really smart to take a bath in hot spring in the cold day! Our foreign teacher chose to play golf. Everyone enjoyed themselves in different ways! We left the place and had dinner in another restaurant. After that, the tour guide recommended us to the square to appreciate the highest fountains in Asia! All wanted to catch sight of it was really curious about it! It was impressive that the fountain flew to the top in the sky! After that, many students hung out at the street filled with delicious food but some students were too tired and just went to bed early. 
After breakfast, we started to visit the next destination, Jing Garden, and Wan L¨¹ Lake and we just spent half an hour getting there! The place was famous for the lake, which it could always keep the color of green. First of all, we took a group photo! And we began to climb to the top of the mountain. The whole road was full of laughter! The students enjoyed this time together very much! The wonderful thing was that when we got to the top, we witnessed a performance about the traditional dancing and singing of Hakka people! It made audiences satisfied through the excellent performances! In the end, we wanted to have a ¡°last lunch¡±, and we should say goodbye to the autumn outing!
The real destination of the activity is to buildup the relationship among the students. It is valuable for us to do something together!
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