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A Special and Wonderful Campus Sports Meeting
From: 16-Mark Liang    Updated time: 2017-11-5    Hits: 1259
As the old saying goes: "Life lies in movement." In order to enhance all the students¡¯ interest in movement and encourage all of them to spend more time being active, a special and wonderful campus sports meeting was held successfully by GETCH and HSBC on November 4th, 2017.
The campus sports meeting was made up of two parts. One part was physical movement, while the other part was mental movement. We organized the campus sports meeting to let all the students participate in this event.
In the beginning, we held a short opening ceremony at around 8:30 am in the multi-media room. After 30 minutes, the sports meeting officially began. There were a lot of racing events, such as wheelchair racing games, as well as table tennis, two-point basketball shooting competition, military chess and others. All the players tried their best to be competitive with their fellow students, no matter if they won or lost. During the competition, all the players focused on friendship first and competition second. Every group cheered on their teammates up with a strong spirit. At the same time, GETCH's students also made some friends with the staff from HSBC. On that day, the whole school was full of laughter and happiness. We all enjoyed this campus sports meeting very much.
After finishing all of wonderful competitions, it came to the most exciting part, the awards ceremony for the excellent groups who performed very well in the events. Third place went to group two, the second place went to group four and the champions of this year's sports meeting were group six. All groups enjoyed the events and competed well.
Holding this kind of activity is good for all the students to help enhance their confidence and awareness of reunion and hard work. Due to this event we know that all the students became more confident. Thank you GETCH and HSBC.

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