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What a Wonderful English Speaking Contest
From: 16-Mark Liang    Updated time: 2017-11-02    Hits: 1335
In order to arouse all the students'interest of speaking English and to encourage all the students to speak English as much as possible, an English Speaking Contest was held successfully by GETCH on October 30th, 2017.
The English Speaking Contest began at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon and it was different from the contest in the past. In this wonderful contest, we were so honored to have Sam, Steve, Asha, Nancy and Matt to be our judges this year. They are from English speaking countries, which is good for all the contestants. In addition, our topic wasn't limited for the competition and all the contestants were allowed to choose and speak about what they wanted. Thus, all the contestants had a good performance with their topics during the speech contest because the topic was more personal.
After enjoying all the speeches, it came to the most exciting part¡ªthe awards ceremony for awarded the contests who did an outstanding job. The best prepared speech was awarded to Mickey, from grade 15, who did a great job in preparation and performed vividly during the contest. The best table topic speaker award was presented to Felix, from grade 16, who gave humorous and fluent speech within two minutes that was well received by the judges. Now it was time to find out who was the best overall speaker for the competition. Coming in third place was Benjamin, from grade 16, who gave an outstanding speech about barbequing. Second place was awarded to Owen, from grade 15, who delivered a quite funny speech and drew all the audiences' attention into his performance. The 2017 GETCH English Speaking Contest overall winner was, Felix, who impressed the judges in all three categories; prepared speech, Q&A, and table topics. Also this year, the judges wanted to recognize one speaker as 'Judges' Choice,' this award went to Mark, a student from grade 16. All the contestants did a great job on the stage and impressed all the judges and people in the audience.
Time flies like an arrow and the English Speaking Contest came to an end at around 5:30pm. However, it was also a new beginning for all the contestants. In the end, all the judges gave their advice and expectation to all the contestants and encouraged more students to learn English in our daily life. With the help of them, all the students benefited a lot and became more confident. As the saying goes:" practice makes perfect." We believe that the more we practice, the better we will get. Thanks GETCH for organizing this kind of activity. Meanwhile, thanks all the judges and teachers for their hard work preparing and hosting this competition. What a wonderful English Speaking Contest!
The Winner of Champion: Felix He from Grade'16
The Winner of Second Place: Owen He from Grade'15
The Winner of Third Place: Benjamin Wu from Grade'16

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