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Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Party
From: 16-Felix He    Updated time: 2017-10-10    Hits: 862
The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important holiday for us and we always hold a party to celebrate it. We held the party in the evening of September 29th, from 7pm to 9pm.
We were really happy, because many delicious food and various kinds of drinks were given to all those who attended. The room we used was also decorated very beautifully.
The party started with a student named Felix hosting the event After his humorous prologue, the first program arrived. Vither, who is from Grade 16 and his friend Milk sang an original song together. The name of the song is called, "Power"! Their voices made us so excited! After this, Milk presented a popular song named "Nine hundred and ninety-nine Roses". Maybe his power made the microphone catch on fire because there were some problems with it and he couldn't finish his performance.. The next part was an interesting game where we guessed lantern riddles. After this, Grade 16 performed a sketch for us. Their funny sketch was about the internet, at the same time they also made audiences think of whether the internet is good or not.
It was then Grade 15's turn! The first program from was also a song, but the entire Grade 15 class sang for us! The second game was blowing candles! We could not help in controlling our excitement because the awards and prizes were really attractive! We were really willing to participate in this interesting game! The last program of Grade 15 was cross talk. I thought this part was really meaningful, because this kind of performance is a traditional Chinese performance. Finally, the host invited Milk to sing again. After the song, the host came back to the stage to deliver last speech to let the party ended.
Thankfully, some companies presented some mooncakes and fruit to us so we could enjoy the night more. At the same time our graduates also came back to join in this activity and eat some mooncakes with us. We are family! We were happy and the party was full of love!

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