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2016 GETCH Halloween Party
From: 16-Maggie Zou    Updated time: 2016-10-25    Hits: 1420
Last night£¬GETCH held a wonderful Halloween Party. In my opinion, Halloween is thrilling and amazing. Although the Halloween party was held on October 20th, I still felt that Halloween is also funny and interesting.
The party room was decorated with beautiful lights, balloons, pumpkin lamps and colored ribbons. The party started at 7:00 pm. It was hosted by a German student Bernd and a GETCH student Tina from Grade 14. Nine Germans attended this Halloween party, including two German teachers and seven students. After opening remarks, Vither from Grade 16 performed a song, and it was wonderful. Then, Lucky from Grade 14 performed a dance for us. What a beautiful dance! We were all amazed by her nice dance. After the dance, the handsome boy Mickey from Grade 15 sang a moving song to us. Although there were some technical troubles when he sang, he still sang very well and we all enjoyed his performance.
After the three performances£¬we started playing games£¬including Trick or Treating£¬Stick the Forehead and Through the Glass. These games allowed us to become more daring to show ourselves and brought a lot of joy. Everyone played happily and won food as prizes. After the games, we still had performances that were performed by Leo and Vither. Their performances were very touching. After the party, German students danced with us.
What¡¯s more, the Germans, HSBC Software Company¡¯s staff members and the students from Sun Yat-sen University all attended our party. They were very enthusiastic and played very well with us. In addition to the joy of the party, we also had a lot of food to eat at the party such as Coke, orange juice, fruit, biscuits and so on.

Finally, everyone had a wonderful time not only because the party was filled with happiness but also because the party was spent with everyone in GETCH. In short, everyone enjoyed the fantastic Halloween party!



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