GETCH Spirit
  Stephen Hawking
  "My advice to other disabled people would be,concentrate on the things you do well,and don't regret the things your disability interferes with.Don't disabled in spirit,as well as physically. "
Professor Stephen Hawking is aware of GETCH and fully shares and supports its vision.
Sept 10th 2012
2018 Mid-autumn Festival Party   2018-09-24 
Opening Ceremony of 2018 Fall Semester   2018-09-19 
Christmas Activity   2017-12-27 
What a Memorable Chorus Festival   2017-12-18 
Annual Autumn Outing Activity   2017-12-01 
A Special and Wonderful Campus Sports Meeting   2017-11-5 
What a Wonderful English Speaking Contest   2017-11-02 
Halloween Celebration   2017-11-02 
Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Party   2017-10-10 
Hello! Our New Semester   2017-09-12 
What a Wonderful Graduation Ceremony   2017-06-14 
A Special Spring Outing   2017-05-10 
An Amazing English Talent Show   2017-05-09 
Improving Our Safety Awareness   2017-03-23 
New Semester and New Beginning   2017-03-17 
2016 Christmas Party   2016-12-29 
2016 Autumn Outing   2016-12-06 
2016 Thanksgiving Party   2016-11-29 
Try Your Best, and You Can Make It   2016-11-04 
2016 Campus Sports Meeting   2016-11-01 
2016 GETCH Halloween Party   2016-10-25 
2016 Sharing Meeting   2016-09-28 
The Opening Ceremony of the 1st Semester of 2016-2017 School Year   2016-09-15 
Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Party   2016-09-12 
We Will Remember You Forever   2016-07-05 
The 20th Graduation Ceremony   2016-05-31 
Farewell Party for SMU Students   2016-05-11 
2016 GETCH English Talent Show   2016-05-10 
2016 Run, Walk, and Roll with GETCH   2016-04-26 
Opening Ceremony at GETCH for the 2nd Semester   2016-03-16 

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