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Devotion, Love and Diligence

Since its founding, GETCH has been devoted to providing access to education and employment for youth with disabilities. 

Tuition-free education is available to each of our student, supported through private donations. GETCH also provides scholarships and grants to students according to their need.  In this way, GETCH has been able to serve as a platform for disabled youth to obtain an associates degree in English regardless of their family background.

The supportive environment in GETCH encourages students to live with "GETCH Spirit", by forming a deeper understanding of disability and society, improving self-awareness and self-confidence, and developing leadership and ability to communicate.

Discrimination as well as environmental barriers severely limit educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities; for this reason, the proportion of disabled youth studying in high schools and universities remains low, and individuals with disabilities in China face even greater difficulty finding employment. Despite this reality, GETCH identifies outstanding job opportunities for graduating students and has established long-term partnerships with a significant number of employers.

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