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Running with One Leg Towards Knowledge: A Disabled Girl Making Her Research Dream Come True
Author: 96-Xu Jinyang    Updated time: 1998-09-26    Hits: 2311

The beginning of this month (July) is a time worth remembering for Guangzhou English Training Center for the Handicapped (hence force known as GETCH) teacher Xu Jinyang. She received a notice of acceptance from Zhongshan University to be a Masters graduate student. 

Xu Jinyang grew up in a big, happy family in Hubei. When she was 11, not long after she had received an admission notice from the area¡¯s best middle school, she suffered a car crash and lost her right leg. 

In 1993, Xu Jinyang  accepted the help of the company of the car that had caused the accident, becoming a cashier for a construction company. It was a steady and comfortable job and the salary wasn¡¯t low. However, she still wanted to go to school. In 1996 she read about GETCH and was moved by what she learnt. Xu Jinyang said if that accident at 11 was the first turning point in her life, then at 22 she once again made a decision that would change her life: to go study at GETCH.

In the summer of 1996, without telling her parents, she came to Guangzhou on her own to take the entrance examination for GETCH. She very quickly obtained the admission notice, convinced her parents and close friends, resigned from her job, came to Guangzhou, and started to study once again. In 1999, Xu Jinyang smoothly graduated from GETCH and obtained a self-study high-level English language diploma. Moreover, due to her excellent grades she remained at the school and started her career as a teacher. 

After remaining at the school, she carried on using her free time for self-study. Following another three years of hard work and perseverance, in June 2001 she passed all 10 exams for her English undergraduate self-study, getting the undergraduate diploma that she had yearned to obtain for so long. However, Xu Jinyang still wasn¡¯t satisfied and, under the encouragement of GETCH¡¯s headmaster Lu Shourong, at the beginning of this year she entered the examination for postgraduate study at Zhongshan university. Her grade was 344, 4 marks above the admission requirement. 

Xu Jinyang was enrolled as an ¡°exception¡±. More than 200 people took the entrance examination, with only 60 gaining acceptance. There were many people whose total marks were higher than hers; moreover she is a disabled person. However, the teacher-supervising enrollment said that her capability in specialized English was very high. In the testing of the 5 specialized subjects, apart from politics and the second foreign language, her fundamental English level and comprehension marks were very good, both reaching 80. 

The teacher said that although Zhongshan university and GETCH had a partnership, Xu Jinyang was not given any special treatment. The so-called ¡°exception enrollment¡± refers to the fact that according to the sequence of total marks, plus Xu Jinyang being a disabled person, it was very likely that she would be rejected. However, in the end, as she was able to display her true potential and talent, the school did not give up on her because of her low total mark or because she is disabled. 

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