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GETCH, a Place Where Dreams Can Come True
Author: 07-Huang Yingying    Updated time: 2008-09-24    Hits: 2505

In the eyes of ordinary people, disabled people are all unfortunate. However, I have always believed that I am both a happy and lucky disabled person. Since I was young£¬I have always received the love of my family due to my down to earth nature and obedience. At school I received the care and respect of my teachers and classmates due to my diligence and easy-going nature. Outside, I have also always received the help of kind-hearted people. 

     When I was nine months old, I had diarrhea and went to the hospital for an injection. An irresponsible doctor used the wrong method and injected me in a nerve. Following this, it was pronounced that I had developed infantile paralysis.  However, this didn¡¯t affect me growing up happily, and I didn¡¯t feel different from other people. The children in the village never treated me differently from the others, no matter where they went to play or what they played, they always invite me along. When I went to school, my classmates never strangely looked at me and we would study and have fun together. To tell the truth, in the lower years there was a male classmate that used to make fun of me and used to imitate the way that I walked. However, the strange thing is that at the time, I was just a little bit angry, but I wasn¡¯t sad or dejected, and I certainly didn¡¯t let it leave an impression. When I graduated from primary school, I enrolled into the city¡¯s best middle school as I achieved the best marks in my class. In that high-level, highly competitive school, I was  nobody. I maintained my positive and optimistic attitude and studied hard. However, when I took the end of year examination, I fell short by a few marks and was unable to transition into the next year. So I went to another middle school. At my new middle school there were a lot of things that weren¡¯t as good as the previous one. However, at that school I improved my capabilities in all areas. I didn¡¯t just immerse myself in studying, I started to participate in all types of extra-curricular activities, I met a lot of people my age, made a lot of new friends, and so both my skills and my courage improved. In the third year of high school, the sound of my laughter could be heard throughout the campus.

I didn¡¯t score well in the college entrance examination. As my marks weren¡¯t high enough to take an undergraduate course, and my family¡¯s economic situation wasn¡¯t very good, I decided to go to Shenzhen to work. The work was naturally very tiring, which made me miss campus life. Although I was working in an office, the work was both diverse and complicated, so I always felt as if I couldn¡¯t complete all the tasks. For all kinds of reasons I felt saturated in tiredness while working that particular job. The third year of working that job, in June, I left Shenzhen and decided to realize my dream ¨C to go to Guangzhou to study. To tell you the truth, when I graduated from high school I already knew about GETCH. I knew that it was a free higher-education school for disabled people, and the major was English, which is subject that I loved the most. However, at the time I decided to first work for two years, and then return to studying. So last year at the end of August, without telling my family, I went to GETCH to take the entrance examination. I was worried that if I told them first, and then didn¡¯t get in, they would be disappointed. Thus, when the teacher¡¯s at GETCH told me that I had passed the exam and there were no problems with my physical examination, I finally gave my parents a call to tell them that I was going to carry on studying. The moment I heard my father say ¡°good¡±, I couldn¡¯t help but cry.

I was finally able to attend university, and I was able to study my favorite subject: English. My dream had finally come true! At GETCH, not only could I learn English, I could also learn a lot about foreign cultures and even experience them for myself. The school often holds all kinds of activities. Through these activities, I learnt a lot, I became more relaxed, and the relationship between the students and teachers became even better. Our morals and inner qualities also improved. Most importantly, after living here for half a year, I became more confident.  The atmosphere at the school is harmonious, warm, happy, and just like a family. GETCH has changed my fate, and has also changed the fate of countless other disabled people.


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