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  Graduation Requirements

 Academic Calendar
Each academic year is divided into Spring and Autumn semester.
Spring Semester lasts from March to July; Autumn Semester from September to January.
During Semesters 1-5, there are 30 class periods per week, each class period lasting 45 minutes.
During Semester 6, students participate full-time in their internship placements.

All students at GETCH must pass the academic assessment in order to obtain the diploma.

Academic performance assessment
GETCH students are required to study in school for five semesters and participate in an internship program in the society in the sixth semester.

Assessment for every semester, includes: class attendance; in-class performance; coursework; monthly, mid-term, and final examinations

Upon completion of internship, students are required to submit an internship report and reference letter from their employer.

Students must pass the final graduation examinations to be awarded the degree.

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