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  Culture Activities

GETCH students take part in organizing special events to celebrate major festivals in China and in western countries, including the Mid-
Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween .

  Group Outings
To build confidence and strengthen community, GETCH organizes regular outdoor activities including one-day and two-day outings, cycling
tours, and teambuilding trainings. Past tours have included trips to the Windows of the World in ShenZhen, the former residence of Sun Yat-sen, the Zhuhai New Yuanming Palace, the Museum of Humen Opium War in Dongguan.

  Sports Activities
There are many outstanding athletes who have studied in GETCH. GETCH alumni play as professional athletes in the events including
wheelchair fencing, wheel chair basketball, wheelchair table tennis, weight lifting, track cycling, wheelchair tennis, and have taken part in various competitions on behalf of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province or even Chinese National Team.
GETCH also holds regular recreational sports events which include wheelchair badminton, basketball freethrow matches, wheelchair relay
race, table tennis, board games. Students participate as team members of every class.

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