Course Offerings
Graduation Requirements
Job and Internship
  Course Offerings

Upon graduation, students will be required to use English and computer skills independently and effectively in work place.
  To improve our students' English fluency in speaking, listening, reading, writing and
    translation skill.
  To improve our students' computer literacy, from basic Office software, to graphic
    design and internet tools.

  Targets for Each Academic Year
Academic Year 1
English: Basic English emphasizing fluency, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary. Students
           prepare for CET-4 examination.
Computer: Microsoft Office

Academic Year 2
English: Intermediate English for business, writing, reading, public speaking.  Students obtain
           passing score in CET-4 and prepare for CET-6 examination.
Computer: Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop

Academic Year 3
English: Advanced English, professional etiquette, resume writing and interview preparation. 
           Students obtain passing score in CET-6 examination.
Computer: Basic skills for web design and development

  Main Courses

Intensive English Reading
English Listening
Oral English
English Translation
English grammar
Business communication
English Writing
English Phonetics
Professional Etiquette
Business English Writing
Foreign Trade English
American and British Culture
Office Software
Computer Maintenance
Graphic Design
Website Design

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